quinta-feira, junho 11, 2009

coffee, tea, you and me - new place

This space was weaved around the work for my master thesis and very connected to the places I inhabit at that time. It was also the starting point for the doctoral research.I felt the need for another space that could be turned into my place. At first I retracted from out loud thoughts. There where to many things I needed to sort out for myself and I could not express them in public. Most of those writings acted like mind «dumping», scattered and confusing pieces that I felt the need to take of my mind. For almost 2 years, I've used mainly my notebooks (moleskines) and a restricted blog mainly intended for documenting my ongoing doctoral work.

Two years might not seem long, but it as been way to long for all the changes that have taken place with my life... and with myself. Slowly I've started to sort things out. Little by Little am crafting a new time/space. Some pieces fit for building what I hope it's growing to be my place. The most important of those bits are the memories of people from past times. The conversations that took place around coffee, tea, you and me.

So in case you want to stop by for a coffee, this is where I am now. You're very welcome to drop in, look around to what's been occupying my thinking and share your own thoughts. And sorry for not twitter, but I've discovered that I like it slow with time to appreciate all the silences in between what is said, felt, and shared. Playing around with ideas is an integral part of my way of learning. That requires time and can not be rushed. A lot like friendship, I guess.

Thanks! Hope to see you around :-)

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