domingo, abril 16, 2006

[paper] Information needs research in Russia and Lithuania, 1965-2003

The new issue of Information Research is online since yesterday. One of the papers that caught my attention was Macevičiūtė, E. (2006), "Information needs research in Russia and Lithuania, 1965-2003", Information Research, 11(3) paper 256, in parte because of the conclusions on context and the differences found on everyday information needs along with professional informational needs:

"Despite the isolation of two bodies of research (Western and East European) in the area of information needs the common development and similarities in the understanding of the basic concept of information need, its origin and structure as well as typologies are revealed. Basic differences lie in understanding the contexts of the formation of information needs, their influence and, consequently, attention to the roles of contexts in research. It also seems that the everyday, non-work related information needs are totally excluded from the horizons of Russian researchers"

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