quarta-feira, março 01, 2006

"Making traces visible" - vanished photo

Can't understand why this picture vanished from Flickr?!...

I've noticed it happened before with other pictures i have loaded, but those ones i didn't stay with something to prove of their existence... and had to load them again :-(

What's going on? Anyone with the same problem?...

UPDATE [March, 2] - The problem is listed in the FAQ in www.flickr.com/help/limits/#66.

SUMMARY - photos will not show up if one exceeds 200 photos for a normal account. They will still be visible where one blogged them... but not the conversations and the links that give context to the image :-(

SUGGESTION - Perhaps Flicrk could allows us to choose wich photos we want to keep.

UPDATE 2 [March, 2] - After i've posted the previous message, i went on deleting a couple on photos from the ones that matter to me the least...... for my great surprise, after the deletions my "Making traces visible" photo is back :-)

So this is a partly solution if one wants to get back the list of the most enjoyed/liked photos/pictures just delete some of the less liked. Still i have to figure what is the use of using a social software like Flickr if the links wont be abble to keep persistante over time (cause social ties take time to establish)... maybe i need to find other solutions.

3 comentários:

Ton disse...

Another solution is upgrading the account.... :D
Have fun!

Mónica André disse...

I've just discovered that you weren't just showing me another solution. You were actually giving me the solution :-)
A brand new pro account for keeping all the conversations. Hurrai :-)
Thank you, i can't wait to explore all the new stuff

Anónimo disse...

necesidad de comprobar:)