sexta-feira, março 31, 2006

Blogs as personal learning environments

HigherEdBlogCon 2006

Great online event giving the oportunity for worldwide participation. I'm specially interested on the following 2 sessions (but will check also Websites & Web Development, on April 24-28):

sexta-feira, março 03, 2006

information spaces transitions

"On the net, I don't meet people face to face but through digitally mediated channels. But there my mobility is global and instantaneous, and the speed of interaction and change matches much more closely the speed I need to be able to do all the stuff I find relevant. Through the net I arrange the face to face meetings, through the net I decide where to spend my limited time and resources for geographical mobility. Which in the end actually increases my geographical mobility(...)"

Ton's description of his practices helps my reflection on the study of infomobility around and across infospaces. Ton uses the word infoscape refering to the online information, and geoscape for the face to face information.
For me the infoscape is the total amount of information one is exposed to in all the information spaces one has access, regardly of the medium one uses. Thow i understand the use of the word to make the point about crossing geo and digital landscapes and the problems one faces having to live in all of them but feeling that the transition is still not smooth enought to allow an inclusive informationspace.

quarta-feira, março 01, 2006

"Making traces visible" - vanished photo

Can't understand why this picture vanished from Flickr?!...

I've noticed it happened before with other pictures i have loaded, but those ones i didn't stay with something to prove of their existence... and had to load them again :-(

What's going on? Anyone with the same problem?...

UPDATE [March, 2] - The problem is listed in the FAQ in

SUMMARY - photos will not show up if one exceeds 200 photos for a normal account. They will still be visible where one blogged them... but not the conversations and the links that give context to the image :-(

SUGGESTION - Perhaps Flicrk could allows us to choose wich photos we want to keep.

UPDATE 2 [March, 2] - After i've posted the previous message, i went on deleting a couple on photos from the ones that matter to me the least...... for my great surprise, after the deletions my "Making traces visible" photo is back :-)

So this is a partly solution if one wants to get back the list of the most enjoyed/liked photos/pictures just delete some of the less liked. Still i have to figure what is the use of using a social software like Flickr if the links wont be abble to keep persistante over time (cause social ties take time to establish)... maybe i need to find other solutions.