sexta-feira, fevereiro 24, 2006


... or, to me, boundary scripts.
Roger Schank, Information is Surprises, excerpted from The Third Culture: Beyond the Scientific Revolution by John Brockman (Simon & Schuster, 1995), chapter 9:

"We all expect the world to work out in certain ways, but when it does, we're bored. What makes something worth knowing is organized around the concept of expectation failure. Scripts are interesting not when they work but when they fail."

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bev trayner disse...

That's why learning and improvisation go hand in hand.

The potential learning moments are in the "expectation failure".

I think this is such important stuff!

Mónica André disse...

This could be a moto: look for the greatest mistakes for learning the biggest lessons.

... and do allow myself to error so i can keep on going further :-)

PS - You really catch their attention with your presentation (at least they remembered the story you told them... Web2.0 will have to get to them with time, thow ;-)