segunda-feira, janeiro 30, 2006

Women in Science

The first International AMONET Meeting on Women in Science, will take place March 16-17, 2006, on Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisbon:

"The meeting will have as major objectives to discuss issues related to women scientists, to present top women scientists active in different fields, and to present similar associations from other countries."

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sábado, janeiro 28, 2006

focus on the individual

The need to study the information needs of individuals comes to a lot of other reflections concerning the shift of tools for the organization to tools for the individual, or, in the words of Stowe Boyd, from groupware to soloware. More about this idea in The Individual Is The New Group - Part 1:

"(...) focus on the individual. The groups will follow."

quarta-feira, janeiro 25, 2006

I'm playing to learn... or learning by playing!

I'm having fun on learning to play with information: mixing all the bits together, taking some parts of each and adding them in new ways. That's one of the reasons i've been keeping so silent. If you want some of the pieces i'm playing with, you might want to have a look in informationSpaces on my ;-)


terça-feira, janeiro 17, 2006

stepping back to move forward

I have been lacking posts but not reflections on work research. One my tend to think that if one does not make it visible must be because one is not working on her research. Found out that one can make a major leap forward just by stepping back to old chunks of information in order to explain how things work. That's how i'm founding out things that i didn't know I knew, just by being asked to explain things to newcomers in the house.
Thow i'm not in Academia but in a Research Lab i've enjoyed reading the arguments of Marcia Bates (1999) on The Role of the Ph.D. in a Professional Field. Found it cristal clear why i enjoy so much information studies (and why it takes so long to have a clear picture on what i'm working ;):

"Information studies meets those social needs by drawing on a wide range of intellectual and physical technologies. Achieving the objectives of our profession depends on the skillful melding of an understanding of social, political, economic, and psychological factors related to information needs and uses with a mastery of both theoretical and practical issues in information organization and system design."