quarta-feira, dezembro 21, 2005

information spaces bringing people together

Working in 3 different projects (INOCOP, LIMEX & RIAT), hasn´t allow me much time to blogging, although i miss it because it allows me time to reflect (by joting down litle pieces, connect missing links and finding missing clues) and engage in very stimulating conversations that help build up and make significant loops in my learning, thus contributing directly to my work performance. But above all the good things about blogging is the constant encouragement to move on, specially in those moments that are not worth it to share, there's always a friendly voice or a word of recognition that bring's us back :-)

The lake of stability and economic support for activities of R&D at a country level, is making research and researchers have a hard time for «making omolets without eggs» (direct translation of Portuguese expression :-). It may seem contraditory, but it also makes it more rewarding, cause everything that it is being done represents an even higher challenge.

But the main reason for this post is to make visible something that's worth it. From scattered iniciatives and tematic blogs in Portugal, something is taking shape. That something is great to observe and take part of: from their individual practices, people came to realize what's being said for so long, that is, we need to identify complementary fields, expertises and interests (the act of blogging) so we can discover the sense of community, realizing that the total is not the sum of the parts, but something new where people can advance the knowledge need it to make things happen.
One such new iniciative that's making visible people interested in information studies at a broad field, is the blog a informação (information) and the lauching of the Newsletter "A Informação", serving as catalysers for a emerging community. To subscribe to this news in portuguese (for now) just send an email to Paulo Sousa (listed on the blog) and you will be abble to find out what the community is reflecting on :-)

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That's a great story. Waiting for more. film editing classes

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Many thanks.