quarta-feira, novembro 09, 2005

eLearnSpaces with a friendly voice

For a long time i've been subscribed to elearnspace's weekly blog summary email. A great eLearning resource and fresh news delivered by George Siemens. I've never met him nor did i exchange any messages (that i recall). But he as been in my informationspace in such a blended and welcome way that i only remember him if i'm on holidays.

Today i felt i could not postponed anylonger this acknowledgement. He has provided me with the latest reflections on what elearning in current and future could/should be, pointing me to other peoples work, new tools that are being tested and old tools that were thought to be for personal communication use (like blogs). And all of this arrives once, sometimes twice a week in such a friendly voice that makes my learning delightfully enjoyable.

"As I've stated previously, elearning is an aggregate industry - it relies on developments in various technology and research fields. For example, tools like blogs, wikis, iPods were not developed for learning. They were developed for communication and content creation/sharing. We simply adopted them for learning purposes. As a result, we misread what's really going on if we don't take time to see what people are using for communication and personal learning." [keep on reading...]

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Olá Mónica. Parabéns pelo bom trabalho. Por acaso, também iniciei um parecido há uns meses: