terça-feira, novembro 15, 2005

Blogging automation and non-faces

Today I had a comment made on my blog that read like this:

"Stop wasting your time posting here, use RSS to Blog [removed link] to automatically create your own blog network."

Can't they understand that blogging is not about instant gratification for economic reasons? Can you imagine a time when blogs won't have a personal voice? Do they even grasp that what made blogs a success was given the ability to people all over the world to share and engage in conversations?...

Mind me saying so, but I'll keep on building this space, cause it was never about automation, nor being on top lists, nor even about money. It's about relating to others work, getting the time I need to understand at my own rhythm, building bridges that will foster learning, dealing with my own doubts and sharing them, recognizing that I'm not alone in a quest for discovery for so much that there is to know and find out.

Sorry Mr./Mrs. Non-Face, I'm not your target and I choose not to publish your comments (links)!

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a-mensagem disse...

Achei o seu blog interessantissimo, e não resisti a fazer uma leitura geral com atenção. espero que continue.