domingo, outubro 16, 2005

Some quick notes on II Encontro de Weblogs

The most fruitfull part of the encontro, where the conversations that took place in the working sessions (sessões de trabalho) and during off time:
  • Exchanging views with Hugo, about uses weblogs as tools to foster colaboration inside and outside organizations, and the resistences we face when trying to implement them
  • Many people in there (women too ;-) but the talking agenda was far from tools and what we can accomplish with blogs, and more centered on media, journalism and restrospective view of «most important blog list»
  • Talking with Manuel J. Matos and finding about this great work that Adelina Moura his doing with her studentes, using weblogs and wikis in her classes of 2º ciclo (10º, 11º e 12º).
  • Portuguese blogosphere seems to reflecte Portuguese (man in power) Society (see some further points for reflection, in portuguese, made in here)
  • In our session (weblogs in organizational context) our sense of community comes not from portuguese bloggers (guess because there are few portuguese people reflecting and sharing about it), but from a worldwide community
  • The physical layouts of our institutions do not foster «conversation feelings» (assimetrical top down layout) thus not helping people to engage the conversation (I'm glad we have blogs ;-)
  • The city as a vibrant university population compare to the total number os residents (guess it should make it a privileged place to enrole in phd :)
  • The results from the encounter will be published (time was given to submitte final conclusions from each session. Will work on that with Hugo and post in B2OB)
  • The next encounter will be hosted by Universidade do Porto
  • José Carlos Abrantes made some good suggestions for the next ecounter and he will be organizing more encounters about weblogs, like the one (that i wasn't abble to go) last thursday on Almedina Library

I am still surprised to have been invited... guess it was because i've suggested the topic when they were asking for ideas in the encounter blog (and/or being one of the few talking in Portugal about blogs as tools that help open windows and engage in other conversations :-)

Going to pick up my kids. Like the rest of the participants, i've received my basket with Queijo da Serra, red wine and honey (see Ricardo's picture of the basket). Time to enjoy it enjoy it over dinner.

4 comentários:

bev trayner disse...

Thanks a bunch for you notes Monica!

Mónica André disse...

Bev, hope this shows enough to make a serious case for hosting BlogHer in Portugal. We really need it!

MJMatos disse...

Well, well! It takes a long time to go over all the notes about the meeting (and to get all the new RSS subscriptions together, too).
See you around!

Nancy White disse...

Hey women, lets get started PLANNING BLOGHER Portugal! I'm all in! Let's set a date and make it happen!