sexta-feira, outubro 14, 2005

[event] on my way

Today i'll be heading to Covilhã, a beautifull city on the slopes of Portugal highest mountain (Serra da Estrela). The reason?...

The II National Weblogs Event it's starting, joining bloggers from around Portugal.

It's been a long awaited opportunity for growing awareness and working around the subject of weblogs in organizational context. The working sessions are going to take place today, in the afternoon, at UBI (everyone is welcome to join).

I'm thinking of all the people that encouraged me to mantain B2OB, all the conversations that took place, all the people that I met (online and offline) all the questions that keep growing... it's been more than three years since I started reading about weblogs, and more than two since i started experimenting in different contexts and situations.

But now it's time to get on the road... hoping that some friends show up and that finally we get to know the voices behind the windows.

See you :-)

2 comentários:

bev trayner disse...

I really look forward to hearing about the event. Will you be blogging it while you are there?

Mónica André disse...

Sorry Bev,

By the time you wrote, i was on my way to Covilhã :-(

Thought that i was going to post: they did had wireless on the campus (at least on the first day, because i saw someone posting) but my laptop didn't seem to agree...

I'm back, and before getting back to housework (before monday comes with a new week of life back in INETI), i wanted to post some quick notes.