quinta-feira, setembro 01, 2005

Special days

... should be celebrated everyday, after all blogging is no more distracting than having a corridor conversation, or picking up the phone to ask a friend for help, or going to the bar for coffee and talk.

The big difference between blogging and talking is that blogs make the talks persistent over time, they remind us things that our selective minds tend to forget, but above all, blogs craft open windows that could not have been built if we were not able to extend our beings beyond our immediate geographic contexts... and then it's the beauty of being able to evoke those days when we believe that we can accomplish our dreams and that there is nothing in the world who can stop us from being happy. Lilia, guess i can not thank you enough for such another day, like BlogDay:

"I'm thinking about the power of blogging to open a window in someone's life, to invite strangers, to share, to think, to celebrate and to be sad together..."

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