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[reader] Information research

Maceviciütè, E. & Wilson, T. D. (2005). Introducing Information Management: An Information Research Reader [August 2005 256pp hardback 1-85604-561-7]: peer-reviewed papers selected from Information Research journal, each of them updated to take into account recent developments [in brackets i've added the links to the original papers, available online, in case you do not have a nearby library who as it and/or you can not afford to buy the updated version of the papers, at least you'll be abble to read a great paper from the same author, about the same subject :-) ]:
  • Information in organizations: directions for IM (original in IRj, here)
  • The development of the IM research area (original in IRj, here)
  • Business information culture: a qualitative study (original in IRj, here)
  • Determining organizational information needs (original in IRj, here)
  • Critical Success Factors and information needs (original in IRj, here)
  • Experiencing information seeking and learning (original in IRj, here)
  • Environmental scanning and organizational learning (original in IRj, here)
  • Scanning the business environment for information (original in IRj, here)
  • Information as a tool for management decision-making (original in IRj, here)
  • Information processing and scorecard models (original in IRj, here)
  • Understanding KM and information management (original in IRj, here)
  • The nonsense of knowledge management (original in IRj, here)
  • Information systems strategy formation (original in IRj, here)
  • IM strategy in healthcare (original in IRj, here)
  • National Information Infrastructure (original in IRj, here)

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