quinta-feira, setembro 29, 2005

Encadernar teses

Já mais do que uma vez me fizeram este pedido e penso que seja útil para tantos outros. Enquanto estava na fase final da escrita da dissertação de mestrado, não me ocorreu (talvez por falta de tempo e disponibilidade mental) ir indagando onde mandar encadernar os exemplares da tese. Ou seja, à última hora (no próprio dia em que findava o prazo para entrega ;-), corri para uma dessas lojas que fazem encadernações rápidas... e, infelizmente, pouco resistentes ao manuseamento :-(

Recentemente, em conversa com uma colega, fiquei a conhecer um excelente local em que fazem encadernações com muita qualidade, para além de se estar a valorizar o trabalho de uma cooperativa que apoia o talento e trabalho de pessoas com necessidades especiais.

Ficam os contactos:

Cooperativa Labor Artesanato
Responsável: Sr. Manuel João
Rua Cidade de Moçâmedes (entrada pelo Centro Infantil Olivais Sul)
1800 Lisboa
Telefones: 218533539 / 218536865 / 218532837

domingo, setembro 25, 2005

[terms] concept

A new elaboration on «concept», following previous thoughts, by Denham Grey:

"Concepts are basic knowledge building blocks, atoms if you like and they can be linked to complex propositions, helping us understand, appreciate and make sense of our world."

concept [en] = conceito [pt]

quarta-feira, setembro 21, 2005

user needs on building presence

I’ve been testing the use of Blogger for Word. The download of the plug-in was smooth (as we are use to with all of google’s goodies). After installing it, I’ve opened the Word application and there it was: a new set of functions on top of my screen (blogger setting, open [previous] post, save as draft, and publish).

So, at this moment, and for the first time as a user of Blogger, I can write a post without being connected (on-line)… of course I did it before but not with the ease that I can have now. With it, a lot of steps that users from other blogging applications did not felt, are cut short and add to the experience of sharing and building presence.

Hope the guys from Google can work also on the (absent) tags for blogger users, cause it’s difficult to find my own post, let alone people who came here visiting… ;-)

sexta-feira, setembro 02, 2005

[reader] Information research

Maceviciütè, E. & Wilson, T. D. (2005). Introducing Information Management: An Information Research Reader [August 2005 256pp hardback 1-85604-561-7]: peer-reviewed papers selected from Information Research journal, each of them updated to take into account recent developments [in brackets i've added the links to the original papers, available online, in case you do not have a nearby library who as it and/or you can not afford to buy the updated version of the papers, at least you'll be abble to read a great paper from the same author, about the same subject :-) ]:
  • Information in organizations: directions for IM (original in IRj, here)
  • The development of the IM research area (original in IRj, here)
  • Business information culture: a qualitative study (original in IRj, here)
  • Determining organizational information needs (original in IRj, here)
  • Critical Success Factors and information needs (original in IRj, here)
  • Experiencing information seeking and learning (original in IRj, here)
  • Environmental scanning and organizational learning (original in IRj, here)
  • Scanning the business environment for information (original in IRj, here)
  • Information as a tool for management decision-making (original in IRj, here)
  • Information processing and scorecard models (original in IRj, here)
  • Understanding KM and information management (original in IRj, here)
  • The nonsense of knowledge management (original in IRj, here)
  • Information systems strategy formation (original in IRj, here)
  • IM strategy in healthcare (original in IRj, here)
  • National Information Infrastructure (original in IRj, here)

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quinta-feira, setembro 01, 2005

Special days

... should be celebrated everyday, after all blogging is no more distracting than having a corridor conversation, or picking up the phone to ask a friend for help, or going to the bar for coffee and talk.

The big difference between blogging and talking is that blogs make the talks persistent over time, they remind us things that our selective minds tend to forget, but above all, blogs craft open windows that could not have been built if we were not able to extend our beings beyond our immediate geographic contexts... and then it's the beauty of being able to evoke those days when we believe that we can accomplish our dreams and that there is nothing in the world who can stop us from being happy. Lilia, guess i can not thank you enough for such another day, like BlogDay:

"I'm thinking about the power of blogging to open a window in someone's life, to invite strangers, to share, to think, to celebrate and to be sad together..."