terça-feira, agosto 30, 2005

[tools] Pesquisar dentro de livros com o...

...Google Print! Está-se a tornar difícil acompanhar os desenvolvimentos da Google. Depois do recente lançamento do GoogleTalk, agora mais uma ferramenta para pesquisar e procurar informação, dentro de livros.

sábado, agosto 27, 2005


Alqueva_Albufeira (8)
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Holidays are over and it's been a first calm week back at work, good to catch up with all the work that lies ahead.

For the first time (in a long time) my summer readings were devoted to other readings apart from work: Hesse (ainda da felicidade) and Eliade (Bengal nights).

Sometimes i have to remind myself that in order to be productive i must be abble to breath, to switch off information gathering and reading, and be abble to rest my mind from it all and just look into the clouds in the sky, trying to remenber why i enjoyed so much doing that while i was a kid.