terça-feira, julho 19, 2005

The ever growing scoop of research

While reading Mike Thelwall couldn't stop thinking about the practice of research and what as meant to this practice our ability to cross cientific borders and geographical space to reach other's work through the use of technological interfaces and the ability to understand and grasp all we can.

Mike Thelwall (2004). Digital Libraries and Multi-Disciplinary Research Skills. LIBRES, vol. 14 (2).

"Digital libraries and the Web have brought enormously powerful search mechanisms to the desktops of many researchers. With the use of insights from cultural studies and the history and philosophy of science, it is argued that one likely outcome is a change in the acceptable standards for literature reviews, leading to changes in article contents to reflect a broader academic basis. As a result, researchers should be trained to read and evaluate material from a much wider range of subjects than previously necessary. The broadening base may impact science and non-science subjects differently."

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