domingo, dezembro 05, 2004

The importance of Coniecto

While reading Gabriela's eliciting and detailed accounts of KM Europe , that i was not abble to attend :( , came across one of the ties left to explore, identified in the conclusions of my master thesis ( Information role in the expatriation cycle ), for future work: the importance of Social Network Analysis (SNA) and the works of David Krackhardt.

Because the thesis is only considered completed after one as defended it, will only post the abstract [Nota: procurar mais entradas neste blog (que já estejam indexadas pelo google) sobre MEIBD ou usando a palavra defesa]:

"The increased process of businesses globalization has intensified the flow of companies’ top executives across borders. In Portugal, the same movement occurred as the internationalisation of several sectors of the country’s economic activity increased in recent years. New information needs arise and are added to the several other challenges faced by these executives when they move to a foreign country (namely cultural differences of the host countries, and in many cases the lack of local language skills that prevent them to understand the social context and physical environment).

This study aimed at to identify and to understand the role of information in what concerns the top executive mobility process. As a result, this study also aimed at to draft organisational information management policy guidelines, to help organisations make the most of their expatriates’ experiences.

The methodological approach chosen was the case study approach in an economic group of the Portuguese financial sector with several business operations abroad. Several data collections methods were used, including interviews and in loco interaction with the expatriates in three different countries.

The results of this study show that there are two critical moments concerning expatriates information needs which correspond to transitions of their informational spaces: first, the moment of arrival to the host country and second, when they return to their home country. A model that incorporates in the organizational information system the information on expatriates, across the various phases of the expatriation cycle, is proposed."

[Mónica André (2004). Papel da Informação no Ciclo de Expatriamento, dissertação para obtenção do Grau de Mestre em Estudos de Informação e Bibliotecas Digitais (MEIBD), Instituto Superior de Ciências do Trabalho e da Empresa (ISCTE), não publicado.]

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