sexta-feira, julho 02, 2004

UE: tornar as carreiras de investigação mais atractivas

Making research careers more attractive: concrete steps leading to brain-gain results: "The most important aspects keeping EU-born researchers abroad are work quality, broader scope in position and access to leading technologies, while commitment to R&D funding, the reputation of the host organisation/employer, the presence of other research institutions and salary/job benefits also play a key role. (...) Networking and informal contacts as sources of key information may have greater ability to draw foreign researchers than previously thought. (...) A new Mobility Web Portal with over 3000 active links on job opportunities, assistance on administrative and legal issues when moving abroad etc. is just one of many new steps being taken to help market the European Research Area as a challenging and rewarding place to work. The first European Network of Mobility Centers, launched in Paris 30th June, 2004, will initially include 200 centres located in 33 countries."

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