quarta-feira, janeiro 21, 2004

Entrevista a Christopher A. Bartlett - New Global Business Manager

Globalization: The New Global Business Manager: "Today, global managers need to see the world not just as a collection of national marketplaces, but also as a source of scarce information, knowledge, and expertise—the key resources required in the development and diffusion of innovation worldwide. (...) there are three key groups who should be involved (...) global business managers (...), country managers (...) [and] functional managers who maintain oversight on the company's resources—its financial, human, or information assets—and who are able to see how those need to be developed and diffused around the world."
"If you are a country subsidiary manager, you have to be The game was being defined by giant American, European, and Japanese companies. But now we see new competitors come from smaller countries that, because their home markets are too small to support them, are moving immediately onto the global stage. We also see whole industries that are being born global, particularly the information-based, knowledge-intensive service economy."
"(...) you have to be sensitive and responsive to national differences. You had better not put someone in there who is an arrogant, ethnocentric person. It is important to understand country differences as strengths, not as impediments to your operation. (...) use the world as a source of ideas and expertise;"

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