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Yoneji Masuda - Sociedade da Informação

Considerado como o pai do termo Information Society, em Japonês Joho Shakai, tendo sido usado em Inglês pela primeira vez numa conferência em que o autor participava. Usado no Japão desde 1968 (confirnação através do título do livro Joho Shakai Nyumon (Introdução à Sociedade da Informação).
In the work of futurists such as Masuda these transformations were linked to an idealistic vision of an emergent society in which increased availability of information and free time resulted in declining materialism, improved self-actualisation, voluntary civic participation, enhanced global and ecological consciousness, and, ultimately a revival of spirituality--in short "computopia."23 But this concept of extensive computerisati on also entered the domain of public policy, sponsored by the powerful Ministry of International Trade and Industry, as a hard-headed development strategy aimed at overcoming shortages in labour and natural resources, securing international markets and remedying the widespread social disaffection of the 1960s. The creation of an "information society" became a centrepiece of Japanese economic planning.

In North America and Europe, interest in these ideas was accelerated by economic recession, whose first tremors had appeared in the late 60s. Bell and his colleagues had assumed an uninterrupted continuation of post-war rates of economic growth. But by the mid-1970s this prediction was abruptly confounded as social disorder was met by austerity, recession and economic crisis. However, as the West's leaders searched for solutions to social economic malaise, their eyes turned to the `Japanese miracle'--only to discover joho shakai as a strategy for computerisation, robotisation, workplace reorganisation and systematic `softening' of the economy. Under this guise, postindustrialism earned a new lease of life. In 1978, a conference of Japanese and US communications scholars resulted in the publication of the first North American book to use the term "information society" in its title." in Cyber-Marx: Cycles and Circuits of Struggle in High Technology Capitalism (1999), pp.9-10.
Texto de Yoneji Masuda com material para reflexão - The Information Society as Post-Industrial Society: "Parameters of the Post-Industrial Society: Computopia" in Forester (1985), pp. 620-634.

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